RockRoots met up for one show in West Orange, NJ this afternoon, in an unusually tough situation.  With all the snow, parking was at a premium, and the buses block off our escape, if we don’t do the 2pm show and get out before 3 pm.  So, a tight show to make it work.


I’ve found Jewish schools very chatty, with kids talking, girls socializing, etc. throughout the show, especially during the educational parts (i.e., me, talking), so I had regather the group several times, with an eye on the clock, and the band burning my butt behind me.  Phew… 


It was very fine, but two sets of effort in one show.


I’m headed to Holy Infancy School, a block away from Godfrey’s, tomorrow for a freebie assembly.  I’m Mr. Dave there from my days with PASELA and the pre-k group that I first worked with are now 4th graders.  I love this place, and it’s my neighborhood school.  Cool