Rock Roots returned to a very friendly 3rd and 4th grade school in Skillman, NJ.  800 kids, tossed in the mix of being in 3rd and 4th grades.  School’s out on Friday!

JJ Zeller sat in on drums for Kevin, who had a studio gig.  I’m always amazed how folks like JJ can play on the fly, or the Fry’.   Donny and Nick figure out the cues for JJ, and I deal with the words and audience.  Somehow, it works.


I have to mention this school in Skillman.  It’s on the former campus (and I mean a large parcell of land) of a NJ State Hospital, with many large and delapodated buildings spread out on lawns in the midst of natural reclamation.  Very weird.  Surprised


I asked if there were any ghosts, and the PTA mom said, perhaps.  Her son mentioned a nurse waving from the window of a boarded-up building overlooking the school’s playground.  Hmmm.  Pictures posted on my facebook.


It’s been a long 6 weeks away from home and my wife, Kim, and my dog, Sam, and now my kids, home from school, Rosalie and Jaimie.  I’m really looking forward to spending some time at home in CT.  As they say, “making hay while the sun shines… ” Laughing