The day started out with one gig on the books, my more frequent visit to Strong House, an elder care ‘day camp’ in Madison, CT.  These folks make every effort to be there, so then, so do I.  And it’s worth it, despite its meager pay.  THese folks like live music, some dance, some sing, but they take it all in.


I got a call from Tony down at the Madison Farmer’s Market, saying there was a cancellation, so I said I was in town and could make a tour of it.  So I played on the green, folks and kids stopped by, sold a couple of CD’s, and enjoyed playing outside in the breeze.


I split there and headed back to Northford to meet up with Ron for an Open Mike in Collinsville, CT.  This is a great milltown in northcentral CT that nestles along a river and two semi-steep hills – thus the nestling feeling.  This open mike is in a busy neighborhood (imagine!) deli, eatery, grocery store with families, folks of all ages, and a good sound system, run by a fine, ex-Bronx piano player and songwriter, Andre.


THREE songs! and a very freindly crowd.  I asked Andre to sit in on his beatseat, a clever, playable stool/box drum, and we wailed.  Nice to have a full sound in CT for a change.   We stuck around and caught Jean and Patty, Gil Duby – friends from other open mikes.  A gent had his ~3 year old come up and play with him, on harp and guitar.  The kid had no fear.  I gave him my PB album and we connected.  Very cool.


80th B’day party tomorrow in Madison.  Local….