I played in the caverns of Allentown, in the shadow of PP&L, at a very nice plaza in Allentown, with a patch of grass, variable (and accessible) water sprays and pools.  I’ve played downtown Allentown many times, and it’s always a mix of kids, bitnez men, lunchers, and some families.  That’s why I love it. 


A local day-care center came down and formed the core of my audience, so we played and danced and they ran under the water plumes.  Again, some grandfolks with their grandkids, families, old friends from my R&R days, and the Sun.  Did  mention the Sun!  First day of summer that had heat!  Tongue out


Back to Godfrey’s for a nap, and evening work doing my chores.  Home to more time at home.  Yes….