Saturday was in Madison, CT at a flea market on the Green for my friends at the Shoreline UU Society, my wife’s former church.  Good to see the folks from the church and good to have a chance to play outside on a fabulous day. The first sunny day in a long time.  Then it was off to PA for Sunday’s day in the park.


I was in the countryside in PA, not far from where we used to live.  this is the third year I’ve played at their summer festival, and its a slice of Americana.The oldsters park their folding chairs outside the pavilion where I played, mostly waiting for the polka band that followed me.  The families with kids cavorted under there, but it was nice to see feet tapping, and heads bobbing out across the lawn. 


As with the previous gig on the green, I’ve come to accept that the crowd may be small in front of me, the music goes out to all, kind of like the radio, I guess, so the stunes sink in.  The vendors, the church folk, all are under the umbrella of the music, so I take heart in that opportunity.  You never know where the music goes….Wink