A hop and a skip to part two – the Palmer Park Mall for my second gig – with Mr. E. Bunny, or ‘Bun’s’ as I know him.  We go back quite away, though it has been til recently I’ve had the oportunity to open up for the dude.  A very nice crowd with some surprising visits from fans from some of my checkered performance career.


The purple tutu girl ame up afterwards, sans tutu – seems she’s grown up since Musikfest.  A pet sea otter, easter dresses, mall attire, and, actually a pretty broad audience, some enjoying the show from my backside…. hmmm.


I was sweatin’, looking for old Bun’s to come out from behind the scenes.  Where is the dude?   I’m working my butt off out here, revvin’ ’em up, where are you? 


Well, he took his own sweet time, a sashied into the venue, and swept up the scene.  But, still, you got to admit, he IS the Easter Bunny.


A good time in the mall.  Hmmm. I should play more malls.