Well, why stop after two gigs?  I headed over to the last leg of the tour, to Westgate Mall for Phil Hawk’s (of the Hawk Music Family) for his open mike.  A good chance to play some my new stuff in front of who knows, but definitely not children.  Nice, nice event.  Met some old friends, made new ones, had a chance to talk with Godfrey’s fans and jam attenders. Leon, Rick Sirotta, the jam band Subtle, others, others.  Nice community.


It’s nice to pause and here about how Godfrey’s still affects the local players, several of which commented on how they really appreciate the blues jam, and Tavern Tan and Doug Ashby’s wonderful dedication or giving a peaople a chance to play, and to play with other people.  Good thoughts.


Enough for today.  two gigs tomorrow.  another mall.  this sets some kind of record for me.Tongue out