Twas as rainy day in Bogata (NJ, that is..), where it is Arts Week at the Elementary Schools.  Boy, does it feel good to see that on the school windows and walls!  I played at Steen in the morning and at Bixby in the afternoon.


I fortified myself with a Hobo sandwich from Debbie’s Deli, and went up to Steen to play in a gym that had a three second echo.  You have to make sure you play the right notes, cause if you don’t, they’ll come back to haunt you.  Every one had their finest baseball hat on, artistically and individually done.  I happened to pick four girls with purple hats for Peanut Butter and Jelly, but I guess I’m not surprised.


The afternoon show at Bixby with every one dressed in their new “Arts” t-shirts.  The show was a treat, in that I invited a male teacher to come up to sing Splish Splash, and he picked three other male teachers to come up with him.  I felt like I was fronting the Chippendales!  Cool


Anyway, I remarked how rare it was to have 4 male backup singers – not my first choice – but none the less remarkable in that an elementary school would have 4 male teachers, and how cool it was to have them loosen up in front of their kids.  Very nice.


I came away very pleased with being an artist during Bogata’s Arts Week.