I played my third night on the streets of E’town at the bank on Water and Main. Some kids came back from the night before, so they knew what was going on. My daughter Rosalie came over the ferry with Sam, the dog. A marvelous daughter and an awfully cute Pomeranian. In fact, I recalled the old vaudeville saying, “Never follow an animal act.” Oh, well. I should work him in on the act. My wife Kim, her mom, Sunny and eventually Kim’s dad, Allan showed up and got to see me work the streets for one dollar bills. …..so much for self esteem.

Some highlights for me, outside of having my family see me at work:

I patiently waited for a family to finish their ice cream on the bench I wanted to sit on, and then work with a “Gang of Roving Youths” hanging out on the bank steps. They got into it. A music teacher from a special ed school in MA and I shared some “power of music” dialogs. And numerous little kids got down and funky. I love these gigs. Vacation ends in the morning and off to Madison, CT and Easton, PA.