Well, the family left Martha’s Vineyard on the 1:45 ferry – home of some great clam chowder, and drove 3 hours back to home in CT. One hour to shift gears and back east to Madison, CT.

Wednesday’s gig at the Madison Beach Hotel was mighty fine. I eschewed the sound system and set up on the lawn in front of the front porch. It’s the best when the mikes don’t get in the way. It was open to the public (good job, MBH), and it was a gathering of local families, hotel guests, some grandfolks, and some mosquitoes thrown in. The grass felt good under the feet, and we proceeded to dance and sing and shake that thang. It’s always neat to see the kids wander in on these situations and get involved. Reaching out is what its all about.

The sunset was spectacular – even with no clouds…. “Hand o’ God Productions”, as I often say. Off to PA for a noon gig in PA.