Monday night was an interesting diversion at a new stage for “songwriters” at Musikfest. I’m the first to admit that I’m no great shakes as a songwriter, and that I come from another (equally valid, I might add) tradition of songster – good songs sung well. A small crowd, but akin to the early days of Musikfest at the Familianplatz site near the Tannery. I played some tunes from my friends in CT, Eric Paradine and Kent Aldrich, as well as some curious tunes.

A darling little girl came up and asked if she could sing a song with me, and, after some deliberation, we settled on ‘Splish Splash’. The blue tutu was too much for me to decline so we rocked out. I gotta get me a blue tutu. These are precious moments for me, and, I think, for the audience.

The site of this stage was at the “ruins” of one of the first houses in Bethlehem, and was an unique spot I’ve never played in Bethlehem. I love it.

Down time til the Jersey Shore on Wednesday. Back to Bethlehem on Sunday,