Cool name for a county park in NJ…. I played for Monmouth County Parks at an arts day in the park for Asbury Park area daycares, summer camps, etc. Great counselors, too. I did the first set and I was followed by a cowboy lariat artist from NY (!!) City. Hot day to play, but it was a nice mixture of pre-schoolers and elementary kids.

I made it back to Bethlehem to hear the Open Mikers playing at Musikfest as part of Godfrey’s Day at Liederplatz. I was real proud of the four acts that have improved dramatically to the point that each act was genuinely entertaining on stage at Musikfest. Incidentally, the acts involved a father/daughter duo and a father solo and daughter solo. Family! folks who have taken advantage of Godfrey’s consistent stage availability for open mikes. Folks are showing up and getting better. Yes…..