Vacation? We packed up the family, Kim, Rosalie, Jaimie and Sam, the dog, and took off for a short vacation on Chappy, Martha’s Vineyard, MA with Kim’s good parents, Sunny and Allan. We took the ferry – nick of time and landed on the Vineyard.

I took to the streets in Edgartown on Martha’s Vineyard on Saturday night. It dawned on me that I could do what I do, even on my vacation. So I picked a spot where I saw a wonderful picker last year, outside a nice variety show, not far from several ice cream parlors. Location, location, location. It was fun to catch folks by surprise as they rounded the corner.

Dave, the aforementioned troubadour, came by later with some mouth harps and his gear, and I was ready to vacate his spot, but he was most gracious, and we jammed on some blues and country, etc. Then he played “Ripple” while I meandered on the mandolin. He’s got a mean vocal trumpet as well. I hear that and watched his guitar work and I remembered his work that I saw last year. He said he played 80+ gigs last summer on that spot. What a treasure for Edgartown!

So, I had a good time and got to meet and play with a musical brother. I love surprises. Thanks, Dave, for your place in this world. A nice ending for a long day.