Quite a day for wrapping up my 25th Musikfest in Bethlehem, PA. I did two shows at Bananaplatz for kids and families. there was a hail storm during the break – its funny how you can’t see the hail hit but see it bounce off the grass – looks like the ground is sprouting iceballs. It’s simply gratifying to have folks come by and share their family with me and each other.

A sweet little girl came up in front of the stage immediately and started twirling to the music, simply glad to be in the music. Precious, and its too bad we loose that as we grow. And, as a performing artist, I love opening the performance to kids’ interpretations. It keeps it LIVE for me.

The evening performance was with my friend Craig Thatcher and many of the friends I’ve developed over the years in the Lehigh Valley. Phil Stahl, Mike Dugan, Eric Steckel, Pete Fluck, Allan Gaumer, Wayde Leonard, Jake Kaligis, et al, and got to meet some folks I’ve heard of from afar like Mook Stanton (he did Louis Armstrong’s What a Wonderful World to close out the evening., Scott Bradoka, and others. I got to play after the spectacular fireworks and did “Pay Bo Diddley ” with Craig’s band. Craif played some fine “swampy” slide, and Don and Wayde picked up immediately on the groove. Twas a hoot and a half, though I couldn’t hear my voice or guitar. So it goes.

Things slow down a bit from here on out, but it’s been a ferocious two weeks on the road. It was treat to meet so many nice folks from the ever dimmer past, but even greater to meet some new kids and adults along the way. That’s the special thing for me about Musikfest. Thanks for coming up and saying hello.