RockRoots did one of our more “prestigious” gigs in Trenton, at the NJ State Museum. YANJ and the museum brought us in for a ‘Take your kid to work’ day for state employees, as well as some city schools. What a nice mix of folks and a very nice stage with easy access and a professional stage crew. Wa-hoo!

300 folks per show with some special moments. I usually ask a teacher, this time a parent, to explain improvisation, and we got the response from, we can only assume a lawyer, something ad hoc. Don’t you love Latin? We usually get wing it, go with the flow, make it up… goes to show who you hang out with.

When we play Blue Suede Shoes (Elvis) I like to play with the audience – one for the money (me), two for the show (audience), three (me) and….
That’s where I usually get teachers up to ‘shake that thang’. As I surveyed the audience, I wondered who would be a fun substitute. What stuck out? (really, this artistic decision-making work is easy) Guys with Ties! or guys with jobs…. Anyway, the boys knocked it out of the park, and every one was connected, doubled over in laughter. Guys with Ties ROCK! ….even if it’s ad hoc.

Off to Short Hills tomorrow at Pingry.