RockRoots had another ‘crack ‘o dawn’ production in Moorestown, NJ – getting to be familiar with that area in Burlington Co. – at 8 and 9 AM. It turned out to be a gas and a half. RockRoots was their pre-testing gift from the PTO and school.

The school gave out shades (sunglasses) to everyone, including teachers and staff, with the theme Get Good Grades, something, something Shades. They prepared a Power Point show with pix of teachers, staff and kids with their shades on. Very cool.

We were “signed” by two wonderful signers. It’s a wonderful to have signers for the hearing impaired, but its also wonderful to witness the artistry and craft of this trade. Its was fun to work with them, off them and for them, and it all added to the show. Thanks.

Allen Middle School was a real treat and one of the best MS’s we’ve played.