It was my pleasure to perform at Godfrey Daniels 32nd birthday bash on the Southside of Bethlehem, PA. I twisted the arm of my good buddy Ron Anthony in CT to make a Road Trip out of the evening, so we set off to PA about 1:30 pm. We had three hours to settle politics, the folk music scene, and the fate of the world – which we did.

Godfrey Daniels is the club I started long, long time ago, and has survived my leaving for CT seven years ago. So I can usually count on at least one gig in the spring every year. Ron and I swapped tunes to open. Lizanne Knott did a middle set, and my space/rock/folk hero Joey Mutis finished up the night in style, with Joey playing a Woody Guthrie song in F. Flag on the play!

Anyway it was fun to bring Ron back to my roots and play in the best little coffeehouse in PA once again. Home Easter morning…..