I got a great email from a lady and her family in Slovakia today, and it’s a touchstone for what I do.

Letter from Slovakia -– Wednesday, March 19th, 2008

Hello Dave,

Today I received a delivery of your three CDs ordered some couple of days ago. Great – I
was amazed by the speed of the delivery (all the way from CT!) and also very happy to
have them here in Slovakia.
And as I received them, I thought I would thank you immediately. Looking up the website
again and being in a search for your e-mail, (just out of mere female curiosity), I
looked up your NEWS section. And
here I see, that “a woman from Slovakia bought my three CDs”. It must be me, I have
thought. This encouraged me even more to write….

You may wonder how that happened that “a Woman from Slovakia” ordered your CDs.
Well, I have a story for you.

Long time ago, I guess it must have been in a late spring of 1991, I lived with my then 5
year-old daughter Katarina in Coopersburg, PA. She was a first grader in Lower Milford ES
and one day you happened to be in that area performing for the kids. My daughter was
taken to your concert along with her other friends and she returned home with a cassette
with recordings of some of your songs. She was so thrilled that, ever since then, this
tape has a privileged place in our collection; no one of us ever got bored by listening
to it. A year later, we left US and returned back to Slovakia and your songs were keeping
us company through all the childhood of my daughter. The songs even became a nice
recollection of time spent in PA, and something like a family treasure.

In 2000, my little son Matthias was born, and my daughter passed this tape onto him. Now,
she, as a grown up, finds a lot of pleasure in singing all about spiders, watermelons and
peanut butter again along with her little brother. Although he has never had a chance to
see your performance (video recorded or so) he really likes the tunes and learns English
words by singing the songs with lots of pleasure. The only thing is that my little son
finds the tape “too short”. Another disadvantage of this tape was, that as we
travel a lot, he could not bring it along with him to play it on his Discman. So I tried
to Google up your name in hope that, somewhere I might find a possibility to buy your CD.
And, HURRAY, here comes the website with chances to buy, not one, but even three
different CDs. My son´s birthday is coming up on 28 March – and I have a great surprise
for him. Three CDs from DAVE FRY!!!! From now on he can enjoy traveling with your songs

Fantastic! Thank you, Dave, and we wish you many creative years ahead, so generations of
children can grow into adults, having fun and joy with your music. Thanks for keeping our
spirits young and smiling!

Mariana (me – the mom), Jaro (the dad), Katarina (the once little girl who loved you
first of us all), Matthias
(your new admirer)