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The afternoon’s session was my second with the Summer Slide kids at Marvine. As this program develops, the directors are beginning to figure out the system as well as some of the capabilities of the students, some of whom have issues. On my attendance sheet, several kids were noted for slight autism, behavioral problems, etc. so it was nice to have that information up front so I can deal with it. Actually Michael, the boy with some autistic tendencies, was surprisingly engaged, remembered things from my visit two weeks ago, and was a real pleasure to work with. I felt good about complimenting him on his efforts. These are only K, 1st and 2nd graders and the intellectual differences are noticeable.

We had some nice explorations together, adding some verses to She’ll Be Coming ‘Round the Mountain and the Bear Hunt. Some good dancing, instrument playing and spontaneity. A good session.

Another doubleheader today, starting a daycare in Hellertown in the morning. It was a large age span with toddlers and babies along with some older elementary kids and their counselors. I made a point to ask the three teen counselors to join in with the kids and they were good sports and foils during the show. I thanked them for their support after the show.

We had a good time and ended up dancing, especially with the toddlers. The teachers all enjoyed the show and I had lots of spontaneous questions and comments throughout, some of them quite funny. That’s part of the process.

Off to Marvine school at noon for the Summer Slide kids.

I was asked by my friends at the George Taylor House to entertain a group of kids from the Catasauqua YMCA summer camp on the lawn at the site. A mix of ages, with some of the younger ones asking questions in the middle of songs, politely raising their hands. You can’t discount curiosity. Several kids knew me from a gig I had at the town pool last year so we felt right at home.

There was one boy who clung to one of the counselors, burst into tears when he was late to pick up an instrument and was pretty hot and cold emotionally. Having just played for kids with cancer, I reined myself in and tried not to prejudge him, thinking, upon reflection, that he may be having a tough time at home, for whatever reason. I have to watch myself sometimes.

It was a nice, small gig in the middle of the summer. All in all, just fine in my book.