This is another gig that I love, though it falls into the benefit category, and that’s okay by me. My friend Dave Reber, who volunteers at this educational farm, gathers various musicians and jammers to provide musical entertainment for the kids and families that come out to tour the farm.

I signed up for the 11 am slot, and my good friend John Christie let me know that he and his wife Susan were coming out. Bring your guitar, I said, and that made for an even better gig for me and the audience. John’s been accompanying me for years, and is comfortable for whatever I throw at him. He listens first and then plays.

Farm Manager Kathy

It was a little chilly with a threat of rain later in the day, so I opted to play in the barn. It’s better when we are out in front of one of the smaller barns, but it wouldn’t work today. We set up and launched, sans sound system, and a few parents and kids came over. With my bag of instruments, we interacted with the kids (and adults) and it was fun. John and I even got to do some grown-up tunes. We finished up as a bunch of folks with guitar cases started showing up and we made way for the jam group following us.


We got paid in Cheese. Kathy, the farm manager, brought us a bag each of small cheese spreads and a couple blocks of cheese as well from the farm store. The barter system still works. As I drove off, it started to rain, earlier than expected. A good gig.