We had our first RockRoots of the fall season today at a Catholic school in Morrisville, PA, just across the river from Trenton. We had a 10:30 hit so it wasn’t too early. I left 4th Street at 8 am and got to the school with time to spare. I set up and waited for the lads to pull in. There were about 240 K – 8th graders in a basement bingo/cafeteria/all-purpose room with a small stage for us.

I had some qualms about remembering the show, but, as the band reminded me, the audience would have no idea and that they would refrain from pointing at me and chuckling if I did behind my back. I love these guys. The summertime gigs helped a bunch.

It was a pretty chatty, noisy audience, probably because of the new semester, post-covid social norms and general lack of teacher control. Early on, I tried to pull things in, but as we progressed, I tossed out my efforts and focused on driving the show home, regardless of the inattention. We did a good show, had the kids up and dancing at the end with no obvious snags in the presentation. It went well. Catholic schools are generally wonderful audiences.

I’m still feeling some fatigue these days, and after a long drive home, picking up some fall plants and some Chinese food, I took in a long nap. I’m good.