I returned to Symphony Hall (Miller Symphony Hall) in downtown A-town for a Chamber of Commerce promotion – Third Thursday – with a 5 to 7 pm “open house” (free) concert. This is a relatively new room in a former store front for the larger theater. Nice set up with sound, lights, tables, etc. and a small bar. This was an exploration on part of the venue and myself. It turned out well, in spite of a small, but intelligent audience.

I was prepared to do Christmas and/or family material, but it was obvious to do my adult folk stuff. So, I laid out two hours of my good stuff, with a bunch on chat in between (come on, people, two hours!). It was a good evening, especially for me, since my adult material needs some constant attention. My Martin behaved and was a gas to play tonight. I love my guitar.

The larger Symphony Hall is a very special place. A Lehigh Valley Christmas, under Mike and Miriam’s production for 20 years, was held here for a decade or more, but they shut it down three years ago (exhaustion). It was an unique and precious event on several levels. It gave the local performers a chance to play on this magnificent stage – full lights, sound, et al. But the most important feature of this annual holiday show was a chance to catch up with the many fellow LV musicians/artists, folks we never get to hear since we’re all gigging ourselves. It was a rare and profound camp meeting and deep friendships were made at this concert. I know that we all miss it, and the Hall folks said that they may produce something like it in two years, with the Orchestra. Uh, oh. Good luck following me. I don’t use charts.

I had to wrap up my equipment so that I could head out to my Emmaus Jam, already in progress…. But I had the opportunity to connect with some of the Hall folks and they would like to develop an acoustic relationship for Godfrey’s and the venue. Sure! The sound man is the son of a good friend and storyteller Chaz and it seems we have deep Peanut Butter connections. (I’m getting used to these generational conversations, and are gratifying).

Lo and behold, Lucy and Catherine showed up again. (What is it about Allentown? They were here for my tree-lighting gig two weeks ago) Lucy (grandson Jayden’s grandmom) and Aunt Catherine came by for the last song. They missed my sets last time. Oh, well.

I’ve been fighting some holiday blues, wishing I was gigging more (where are all the farmers’ markets?). This, and the Emmaus Jam are the right cure.

Of on the road to Emmaus. Round 2.