My good friend Barbara Kozero invites me over to her house/studio every year in November to play some music while folks drift in and out to graze the various artisans that display their wares. Barbara has her magnificent ceramic sculptures and Linda Kondikoff has her soaps, pins and found-art hangings. Today, Joe Zangl displayed his wood works. I sit in the stairwell and pound out tunes on mandolin and guitar, often with only Linda and Joe in the room. That actually makes me play harder and with more precision so I really enjoy playing as well as I can. It sounds really nice in this older Bethlehem row home with its high ceilings and old wood.

So, I play for about three hours, chat a bit with Barbara, Linda and Joe and provide background music for those who stop by. It’s a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon. As I pack up, I barter with Barbara for piece of her art (that’s a good thing, especially since she says she needs to free up some wall space) and Linda always gives me a year’s supply of natural soap. That’s how I like to get paid.

Two young girls came in with a mom, and waved. They go to Calypso School a few blocks away and know me from my annual May concert there. They hung around and asked for Cat Came Back, Giants and Peanut Butter. We had a great time. The mom actually said to Barbara, “How were you able to get Dave Fry to play here?” I gave them autographed CDs. It made for some special moments.