I hit the road after my Salvation Army gig and headed into Center City Philly for a half hour session with Ray Naylor, a folk acquaintance, who does a two-hour folk music show called Philly Folk Scene on WPPM, PhillyCam online. His format mixes CD cuts with live interviews. I got there at 2:30, found free parking on the street a few doors down from the studio!!! A good sign, indeed.

Ray has been a big supporter of area open mikes and local folkies, so I was more than glad to do the show. Thanks to my Troubadour release, it’s another sign that I’ve stirred up some interest in my music; he’s been playing it over the last few months.

On the air, we chatted about the album, playing on the White House lawn, RockRoots, etc. I also enjoyed talking with Ray off the air about folk programming, his current gigs, the Philly Folksong Society.

I got to play three songs live. I started with Kent’s Giants, an off-center way to get folks attention. Later on I stepped up with Lessons From Pete and finished off strong with Stan Rogers’ Giant. It was a good mix of folk styles and I played them well. I did have to face some tuning between a capo tune, a regular tune and then Stan’s double-D and capo song. Ray covered for me like the pro he is.

The interview is here: https://www.facebook.com/raysings/videos/10215857392580021/.

The drive home wasn’t too bad for an afternoon commute out of town, and I felt that I had spent the day righteously. Parking was no problem either.