We were originally booked for this afternoon gig on the 15th of this month, thankfully cancelled for the travel nightmare of a rare November snow storm. We dodged a bullet on that one….. And, we were lucky to have it rescheduled for today, especially since I got paid for it already. 


It was an after-school session with about 80 K – 5th graders in an all-purpose gym a little before 2 pm. The kids and the several teachers got into it and we had a ball. The band played well and there were several “stop and witness” moments with the kids (the kids on the floor swimming to our Surf Music section). I lost my place in the show when that happened. That’s the trouble with being “open to the moment”.

We recovered, got some rave reviews from one of the musicians in the faculty. He said we hit so much diverse material in the space of 50 minutes. Actually, he nailed it. We don’t always recognize the power of our show.

A long afternoon with three hours on the road, the show and set up and break down. Still, it’s all worth it for the band, the school community and for me as a musician.