It looked to be a gray, rainy day but, thankfully it turned out to be only gray. That did affect the number of folks out, though. This time I was set up with the arts day crowd so that put me in with the jewelry and boutique ladies (for the most part) so I got a few foot taps and random applause as feedback. That’s okay. I’m playing for myself, trying to get these songs down in preparation for my 50th HS Reunion on the weekend.

As always, I had a great time banging on my Martin for two hours.

There were few kids passing by but my number one fan Kimi stopped by with her Chinese grandmother who speaks little English. This is the third monthly market she’s stopped by and each visit is special. Today, I was singing A Place in the Choir and I noticed she was singing along with the chorus and the verses. Kimi had been doing some serious homework on the songs on my Peanut Butter CD. So, I asked her to come up next to me and sing along. I eventually stopped my vocals and let her sing by herself, which she did with great confidence. I was pretty surprised for a young girl to do that.

Kimi’s artwork from August, 2018

As her grandmother hovered in great delight, Kimi asked for Nursery Rhyme Rock, one that I haven’t kept up on, but I did my best to do some of the song.  Her grandmom bought my Playground CD for her to give her some fresh material. I look forward to my FM gig here in October.