I had a great session with the small group of kids at Marvine this morning. This was the second of four sessions and one somewhat removed from my last one. It was good to reconnect with the teachers and kids. We were all excited.

I have some things up my sleeve from some other SS’s I’ve been doing and it’s nice to not to have to rely on some of the same old same old tools. I brought out Rosalie, Where Are You Going to develop some individual performance skills in front of their friends and it was mildly productive. We worked on Bear Hunt and they came up with “volcano, hot lava volcano with a nice leaping movement. It also formed the basis for an idea I used later.

I brought out the scarves for a session, using some techniques I’ve used recently. We used the scarves to “disappear” (a nice way to provide some ‘self-safe space’) and explored some facial emotions. Some great stuff came up, including the teachers input. We then did some scarf writing, doing the alphabet (ABC’s) and then went into Jelly in the Dish with some controlled tossing in the air (great visuals), free form dancing and singing, as well as trading scarves with each other. It’s turning out to be a wonderful performance piece.

At the end, I acted on my instincts about scarves/fire/volcanoes. We formed a tight circle with our scarves and formed a cauldron of boiling scarves, with occasional flame-ups with a big explosion of scarves in the air at the end. Bam.

As I left the school, I thanked Cesar for the opportunity and he wants me to do some steady afterschool work during the school year with the K’s. The work seems to be spreading out. Every gig creates another future gig.