Often my summer vacation boils down to this one gig in rural PA outside of Reading. A loose organization of friends and musicians have been holding this weekend gathering in a hidden grove behind a corn field and down a dirt road. Amateurs, semi-pros and a few folks like me have the chance to do a short set on a nice, rustic stage with fine sound equipment and play for each other. It is the epitome of do-it-yourself folk music and I relish the chance to perform here.

I missed last year and folks were glad I came back this year. I got a 1:30 slot, and after a longer than usual trek, I got there with time to spare. I got ready and took the stage on time. Shane, the sound guy, makes it so comfortable and a listening crowd gathers in the grove so I was ready.

I started with We Are Welcomed and nailed it. I followed with I Can See Clearly, Giant, Lessons from Pete. I broke a string and my friend Dan lent me his Martin and I finished with July. I could have done another one, but without my Martin and in the spirit of the occasion, I packed it in. It was a righteous set and worth the drive.

I hung out a little bit, changed strings on my Martin for Sunday’s gig and enjoyed the beautiful summer day in a peaceful glade in Nowhere, PA.  My soul is soothed.