It’s been years since I played at this rural school in Center Valley and it was cool to run into several teachers who were fans (and helped me get this gig). We set up in the gym and met some of my old teaching connections. We talked about doing Baby Shark, a tune I’ve haven’t done in a while due to my hip problems. This seemed to be the time to resurrect it and we planned to do it at the end with one teacher coming out in his shark costume! 

The show was great with some of the kids primed on Cat Came Back and others by their teachers. All the little performance devices worked marvelously and the teachers unfamiliar with me and the show were laughing and having a great time. Nice to play for a new audience.

As I did Keep a Knockin’ with the full gym shakin’ and bakin’, I nodded to the shark teacher to go get in his costume. I had to start it up without him in sight but as we got 4 verses in, he made his appearance in the back and cruised his way through the crowd to the front of the stage. Both kids and teachers went bonkers. A truly memorable moment for us all. Looks like I’ll be back on a regular basis.

It was a hot day. I loaded up and drove off to Bethlehem, satisfied but a little beat from the heat. I have another gig at Holy Infancy later today and I’m glad it’s only a block away.