It was a fairly breezy drive up to Madison Green for my last FM of the season. It was a beautiful day, with a slightly chilly breeze, but families and familiar faces came out to play. I especially appreciate when the kids come back, race over and grab an instrument and engage right away. Several homeschool kids came early and they were bright and curious, and knowing that they were homeschooled, I was able to do some in depth work with them. And, as the Friday afternoon became early Friday evening, families met on the green and socialized while I worked on the kids.

Again, I am befuddled with their lack of understanding (tip-wise) as to what I am providing for their kids. Some don’t tip at all while some give their child a dollar to toss in my mandolin case. I left with around $16 in tips for three hours on the green and eight hours on the road.

I still do this because I want to. I enjoy the interaction with the kids (the adults cruising the market could care less) and I enjoy the opportunity to play my music in public.

I notice that I am exhausted the next day from the travel though.