I had my semi-regular gig at the Madison Farmer’s Market on Friday afternoon, and prudently planned for Friday traffic and got there a mere 40 minutes ahead of time, enough to catch a quick meditation to help erase my traffic mentality.

It was one of the better Madison Green gigs I’ve had, with some new families getting to know me and several familiar families, mom’s, grandmom’s, kids, etc. One small girl got into it early, and then passed out shakers to her larger group of family members, including a bunch of men(!) who all started to play off to my right. The young girl and the grandmother then began to dance around the family circle, waving their instruments. A very nice moment. I gave the girl a CD, of course.

As the folks settle onto blankets under this large shade tree on a wide green, the kids come up, go back to the folks, play instruments, get pizza and ice cream from the vendors, let the moms shop (the secret of my FM success). It’s a good, extended time in a peaceful space. It’s a strange and wonderful gig, and I love it.

Then again, I got $17 in one dollar tips. No $5’s. There are things about CT that drive me nuts.

Up to Ron and Susan’s place for some companionship with my noble Innkeeper for the Displaced Folksinger. Food, conversation and bed.