It was a small set of kids and teachers today with only four kids and three aides, with two of the kids with learning differences. Michael, though, continues to amaze me with the stuff he remembers from the last two sessions, though his attention span is quite limited. Dominick still struggles with any kind of attention.

I limited the bag to specific instruments today, bringing out maracas, tambourines, scarves at separate times, and that helped quite a bit with these kids. The scarves are particularly expansive. We danced with them, spelled out our names, tossed them at particular points and did a scarf soup. With the group forming a circle waving the scarves in the center, we picked out vegetables with same colors and added them into the mix: purple/eggplant, orange/carrots, blue/blueberries (!), green/broccoli, yellow/squash, etc. Both the aides and the kids had a good time with it, and it seems to be a keeper for younger kids. Always exploring, always learning.