It looked to be a gray Sunday morning with no rain and, thankfully cooler temperatures. Good for the open air market. I have three hours to play music among the vendors and shoppers, kids and dogs and for myself. I had some time on Saturday to recover from the jaunt to CT and back so I was looking forward to exercising my repertoire.

I snag a few kids and parents as they drift by, but I notice the vendors really appreciate the music, with one lady tossing in a five spot and smiling the whole time. That’s pretty good. One precocious girl was in a dancing mode, and was familiar with most of my set list, so she was a delight to play to, as well as talk to. Her mom know all the words to my songs, as well. It only takes a few interactions like these to make the time spin right through the three hours.

I got a lot of good work in on a bunch of tunes, old, new and half-remembered. Tomorrow, Trenton.