It was a fine Saturday morning, weather-wise, so I headed over to the North Side for two hours under a big ole tree. This FM is in it’s second year, and they found a community patron to pay me my fee, recognizing my efforts to make this a family-friendly event.

Not many folks in front of my, since I have my back to the main row of vendors and the generator going on there. So, I face out to the green grass of the park and bang away on my guitar and mandolin, try out new stuff, stuff that needs work and stuff I’m trying to remember.

There are some young families that stop by and hang out, and that’s great fun. A couple of older hippies like me stop and take in a few songs. One woman even asked for Smokin’ Babies!.

A few tips, a CD sale and a bag of lettuce and tomatoes from the vendor across from me. There ya go.