I get invited back to do one of these concerts in the PP&L Plaza every summer, and though the turnout is usually slim, there are always some good moments. I also get to bang my music off of the city’s buildings. Several familiar faces came by and took in some tunes, but there were several kids that tickled me. One particularly precocious girl came right up and suggested Magic Penny. She said, “I’m still three.” We had several conversations throughout the afternoon, and she had no fear of coming up and starting a chat. It was amusing to the audience as well.

Another group of folks came up and requested Peanut Butter, and, though I had done it earlier, I complied. The dad came up while I was packing up and said that his daughter was in town from the West Coast, with her daughter and wanted to come out to see Dave Fry and hear some of the music she grew up on. This generational thing is fairly regular now, these days. That’s cool.