This was pretty cool, to be asked to return to Camp Happiness in Milford, CT. I’ve been playing for these kids, counselors and staff for around a decade or more. I didn’t realize the span that these several generations of folk that have put in, serving their community with great attention to their special-needs community. I’ve had the privilege to perform every summer, and I’ve achieved some sort of rockstar status. It only happens here, friends.

There were a bunch of alumni in the house for the hot dog picnic at noon. I pulled up to check out the situation and Maureen broadcasted that I was in the house. The picnic erupted. That’s cool.

I headed back to the air-conditioned auditorium to set up for the show. Praise to the AC, it would have brutal outside in 90 plus July temps.

It was a good session all around. There were some older folks in the back, and I was able to engage them, and as the show went on, it was gratifying to see them smiling and even getting up and dancing. The kids gave me suggestions so I rolled out Bear Hunt, Cat Came Back and Peanut Butter. I’m glad I have some ‘hits’ to call on. I picked on the counselors and they pitched right in, as they have many, many times before. They are an essential part of making these visits so successful. The kids and the counselors really have great relationships and they are the bridge to my music.

These folks have paid me well on an annual basis, and they allow me to learn things from every gig, stuff that I carry into the next season. I’m am particularly thankful for this opportunity to play for this community and earn their wonderful respect that I so rarely enjoy out on the road. I must be making a difference.

Off to Northford for some kitchen tunes with friends tonight. A pretty good day on the planet.