A productive first day of my 67th year on the planet. I got up at 6 and did my laundry in the nearby laundromat. The weather was sunny with rain in the future, so it was good to rise with the sun. I headed out for a guitar flea-market down route 100, spent the time looking at sound gear with gear heads in rural PA. My People! I picked up some cool CDs for radio play, a small farmers’ market two channel amp, a nice wooden case for CD sales, good finger picks and a lot of chat. The vendors really, really want to chat, and that’s okay.

I checked in with my daughter Rosalie in Italy, my sister Janet in Ann Arbor and got a voice message from my son Jaimie. Lots of folks checked in on FaceBook, but I steered away from the madness. I can process all of that later.

I did sound at Godfreys for a esteemed fellow LV performer, T Roth. We both share long careers in the LV, though wildly divergent artistically, but share a similar stage craft – working the audience. T has played the club many, many time with Zen for Primates, and it has always been a delight to see him work this room. Frankly, he is as much a performance master as the great folkies who have played here. And what makes T special is that he is home grown Lehigh Valley, and our rather hip/urban audience loves to see him here.

The birthday thing had some nice quirks. At the flea market, a trumpet player completely blew Happy Birthday. I commented that it was the perfect rendition for this particular one. My son-in-law Cory shares this date with me, Sigmund Freud, Willie Mays and the bartender next door at the Fun House. A dude even came up after the T Roth concert, saying he was born the exact same date in 1950. Lots of convergence here.

Let’s see. I got my laundry done early, farted around with acoustic gear-heads, took a nap, prepared tomorrow’s radio show and did sound for a good friend to a packed house in my living room tonight. That’s good enough for May 6th, 2017.