Another good session with the kids. They had been listening to the Shake It! CD I gave them last week, so they were primed on The Ants Go Marching, etc. I decided to tempt the fates with my Sally songs and introduced them as circle dances. It was a new experience for some of the younger kids, but we figured out how to hold hands and move in a circle. They picked up the singing and dancing for the most part and it went quite well. The director came down while we were dancing and it was a pleasant surprise for her.

I brought up the Bear Hunt after several weeks (they really like this one) and it was good to review their two verses that they wrote (Jungle and Dorney Park) and it was a refresher for me, as well. They really did remember some of the finer points that I had forgotten, so that was pretty cool.

We finished up with Jimalong Joe, with the kids adding some dance moves (wobbly knees and several ninja moves) with some slight excursions into kids movies (Frozen?) but it was good to have them shake that thang at the end of the session. Remarkable progress and retention for these kids.

I love the fact that they are into hugs at the end and we did one big group hug to finish out my visit. I’m a happy man and come away feeling good about what I do.