My first gig was at the preschool at Third Street Alliance. I brought in my rain stick, and it was a good opener and a good was to center the kids and create a listening space. Good discussion and the teacher jumped in with the plastic version of the stick. Excellent!!!

Today, I brought in my purple electric guitar and it also focused the group, recalling my acoustic guitar, introducing the amp, the pickups, etc. I went into I Like Peanut Butter, one they knew before, but now with the electric.

I recalled Rosalie, Where are You Going with two new kids and then Bridgette, one of the teachers. She did a great job and it was wonderful to see the kids watch her be a kids. Big, big moment in the class.

I did I’m Gonna Tell and it was good fun, exercising their vocal skills and some fun reactions with the older kids.

I followed with We Gave Names to the Animals and the kids picked up on the routine quickly. We had some good movement and interaction. I introduce The Cat Came Back to these kids and it was a little steep for these kids and I resorted to having the kids crawl around on the floor like cats. It worked wonderfully……

I have to start on a song with the kids (really young) but we talked about school, and potential rhymes with it… pool, fool, cool…… a start when rhyming is a new skill.