I was looking forward to catching up with many of my fellow performers at this large event at SteelStacks. I was going to present some awards with Dina Hall later on in the festivities, and I was up for several awards myself.

Last year I received a Lifetime Achievement Award and gave a speech for that, as well as having my kids Jaimie and Rosalie on hand as well, so I was quite a bit more relaxed on Sunday. The first award I received was the Community Radio Personality, one that I was quite shocked to get last year. It was a mild surprise, especially when I consider my rather minor presence on the air with Live from Godfreys and Sunday Folk. I strolled up and got the award and didn’t make a speech.

The second award was for Outstanding Children’s Performer, one that I am proud of. This year, as I strolled up, they played ‘The Cat Came Back’ through the speakers (sounding really fat!) and as I got up to the podium, I led the crowd in singing the chorus. That was a nice touch. I thanked the folks and mentioned that Kira and Robbi, the other performers nominated, that I respected them tremendously and that they knew what they were doing.

The last award was for Outstanding Folk Solo/Band and, again, I was proud to get this one, just so that folks would know that I’m still performing at the top of my game. I do wish there was some more ‘merit’ involved with the process, since I would have enjoyed my friend Anne Hills receiving this award.

I do have a strong local reputation, and that’s why I receive the notice, but I’m also quite aware that these are niche awards in a small market. Running Godfreys and doing radio, I know where I am in the big picture, especially with friends like John Gorka, et al. But I am gratified that I get recognition in front of my peers in the music industry in my home town.