My friend Lisa invited me to do a morning show with a group of about 30 preschoolers at a comfortable facility in Pen Argyl, PA. It was good to be one the road again, making some money and playing for kids. Things have been slow, especially recuperating from the operation over the last week.

The kids and the four teachers were primed and ready, waiting for me as I arrived. We did The Bear Hunt, I Wanna Be a Dog, Down By the Bay, etc. and we were rolling along, singing, moving, laughing and playing. I had another opportunity to use the 1, 2, 3 method of instrument playing, and, again, it worked perfectly, maintaining some control in what could be a chaotic situation.

I finished with Magic Penny and took some time at the end to reflect on what we did together, an important way of centering ourselves, and giving the kids a way to express to themselves (and, importantly, their parents) what we just experienced over the last hour together. It’s important to not let the experiences slip away. I was able to do this for the last three gigs this week and I’m glad it’s part of the routine, just as writing these reflections has become.

RockRoots tomorrow in NJ. A busy week getting back up in the saddle.