Making up for the snow last week, I made it to the Third Street Alliance for another visit with the kids. This time I brought my Eastman mandolin. I also had the opportunity to refresh some of the songs I’ve introduced already, just to see what has sunk in with the kids. The five year olds really have retained quite a bit.

I did Rosalie, Where are You Going with the kids, and several kids coming up front to take the lead. It was great to see the kids take charge and ‘perform’ in front of their fellow students. I also brought up a boy and a girl to lead on Peanut Butter and Jelly, both enjoying taking the lead. All part of passing off my lead to the kids. We also did Jimalong Joe with their dance moves added in.

I also started the process of writing a graduation song by asking them what their favorite moments were in the school day. They came up with playing with friends, stuffed animals, building lego houses, painting the outside wall with water, a visit to a pumpkin patch, singing along. A good start to the process.