I’m still at 70% with this stomach bug, but I can’t afford not to chip away on the CD project. Today I added ‘fat’ acoustic guitar to five songs that had already been worked on with Kevin’s drums and Kjell’s bass. Kevin set up three mikes, one very precise mike aimed at the sound hole, a general mike in front and a cool little one up on the fingerboard. Three different tones that can be used, or not used, depending on how we want to mix them. We did experiment with panning one to the left and one to the right and it immediately expanded the sound of the guitar. I like it.

We did two or three takes on each song while I listened to a mix of the bass, drums and my scratch vocal. There were a few points where I punched in to correct a goof-up, a place where I had forgotten the arrangement or a tricky ending. Kevin’s really good at making the process smooth, time-efficient and positive. We work together well because we both know when I screw up or even when I can do it better. No ego here.

We worked on Don’t Call Me Early in the Morning, Giant, Rosie is a Friend of Mine, False from True and Louise. Rhythm guitar is what I do best, so the process went quickly and efficiently. Though I was fatigued at the end of three hours, we made great progress.

Working in the studio is an entirely different head than performing live, and it is equally challenging and satisfying. And the progress is gratifying as well. It’s a pleasure to work with a friend and artist like Kevin to put together a piece of art like an album.