I’ve been refreshing the walls here at Godfreys, with some time on my hands. I’ve been exploring the archives here at the club, acquiring some new zithers for display, taking down some tattered and faded posters, freshening up some Tudor Brown paint on the walls. Time for a reboot after 40 years. I frankly am enjoying the artistic challenge of massaging my collage skills; I’ve been doing it for years. In the process, I get salute the folks who have played on this stage, add some vintage graphic and photographic images, and mount a nice collection of weird instruments laid upon me over the years.  It’s a wonderful process.

I’ve  been reticent to change the walls, especially since they’ve held the prime legacy of the history of the club. But, since the advent of the archives work I’ve done over the last few years, the various walls have been recorded, digitized and saved in house and at Lehigh University, it’s a time to make the old, new.

The New Year and these new and uncertain times has presented me with a less-stressful time (unemployed) and has given me some space to work on the Godfreys arena, start a new adult CD, give me some early time at the Y and meditation by the river. Each day is a project, but I wish I was playin’ more. That’s where it works.