I headed up for a couple of gigs in CT on Friday. The trip up was smooth, moderate traffic and I got to the Madison Farmers Market in plenty of time. It was a warm, sunny day and I had a good three hour session on the town green. There were some good interaction with kids, families, but little in the way of tips. That’s the way it goes here. My daughter’s husband Cory’s mom and his younger siblings showed up, and they were primed. They wanted to hear the Rosalie, Where are You Going song, so I obliged.

The sun set right about the time I finished, so the change of the season is upon us. I left for a session with my friend Ron Anthony on Friday night. Thanks to the cheese lady who gave me a couple of chunks of cheese to go with the smiles she gave me during the market days. She appreciated what I did for the market with my interactive work.