I’m glad I stuck around for the wrap-up after the second session, meeting with arts presenters and trolling for gigs at Appel Farm and a couple other potential bookers. Eric Booth led this one, and as he likes to do, he refers to his etymology roots by defining ‘reflection’ – bend back to ourselves. Reflection is something that I learned from these sessions over the last 15 years and it’s why I write these blogs after all my gigs. he said that we live in a “belligerently anti-reflective society” (you could write a book on that!). He talked about sustaining our balance as artists and feeding our artistic follow throughs. He stressed ‘Cultural Competence’ (culture – the medium in which we grow) with ‘Enthusiasm’ (filled with the divine). And he left us with, “Activate the artistry in others and guide them forward.”

It’s taken several days to distill this day.

Course of action: I will meet with Charter Arts School principal to talk about teaching the teaching arts at the school.