There weren’t many folks for the concert when I arrived, nick o’ time, for my 6:30 show at the Whitehall Library. Two matrons were there, sitting in the back (I played to them unmercifully through the evening, some old friends with their daughter and her two daughters, a mom and her one son, a mom with three boys in tow, and a bunch of librarians. My kinda audience.

I stuck with the old stuff, knowing that the older folks like to watch the kids dance, laugh, react to the music. It is pretty good theater, and I’m glad I can engage across a broad spectrum of ages. If I get laughs and giggles and other reactions from a particular child, I take time to pause so that we all can enjoy the moment. Nothing is more precious than a kid’s laughter. And I think these moments can make the evening memorable for everyone.

Again, not a whole lot of people and I wish I could draw more folks out to support the venues that pay me well. I understand what I’m up against. The best I can do is play honestly with the folks that cared enough to show up, and that’s okay in my book.