Yet another stellar, under-attended session to kick off the DNO series this fall. It was a good one, with David and Jenny Heitler-Klevans, fellow family music performers known a Two of a Kind. I was looking forward to swapping tales and philosophy with them both.

David and Jenny write some fine message songs that are well crafted and intelligently done. I tend to be more on the experiential part of the spectrum, but it was a great discussion of how both approaches seem to work.

A particularly funny moment happened when Jenny was talking about a residency they did sponsored by drug and alcohol money. She quickly added that it was a foundation for drug and alcohol prevention. It was a pretty good chuckle. I said I would like to find some drug and alcohol money for my gigs.

I particularly enjoy the high level discussion that goes on at these events. Jenny, David and myself rarely get the opportunity to discuss the thought that goes on behind our efforts to play children’s music.

It was mentioned that this was a college level seminar on the art of children’s music. And that is exactly what it is supposed to be.