It was a pretty good session today at the Madison FM, with some interesting connections popping up. One young family stopped by and requested Spider on the Floor and couple other obscure tunes from my PB CD, folks who are raising their kids on my music. We had some fun today, and as they walked off, the mom said, “We’ll be listening in our kitchen.” That brings it home, doesn’t it?

I had a spate of $1 tips in the ole mandolin case, grateful for each one, but it still grates on me that there are $1 tips at all. One bearded dude, obviously an artist, pitched in a 5 spot. We both knew the situation. But, it’s not even near the justification for why I do this. But, it is typically a Connecticut thing.

Still, each interaction is precious and I had some really nice ones today with a grandson and grandmom, some precocious kids, many explorations with instruments, up close guitar and mandolin sessions, some puppetry, interesting family and sibling dynamics, some great asides to folks passing by. It’s a wonderfully fluid performing situation and time passes quickly. In between, I get to play guitar and mandolin, play some tunes I need to keep fresh, experiment with chords and arrangements, try to remember the lyrics and all these vital signs of maintaining a creative life.

Expedient travel back to PA with some good tunes on my player in the car. It’s all good.