I did my annual PP&L Plaza gig today, and there was a breeze. Quite a difference from last weeks heat. Not many folks to start off with, but I took my own advice from Sunday’s gig at MF and started with my best stuff right off the bat. No use saving it. Besides, at this point I should have enough good stuff to last for an hour and a half set.

I played really strong and I think that reflected on the last week’s gigs on big stages and big situations. The focus was more intense and I ‘leaned in’ on my guitar work and it felt good.

A gentleman/business man came up and said to me that Giants sounded a lot like The Cat Came Back, which it certainly does. He then said he had just called his daughter who is now in her thirties that he was in the Plaza listening to me. He then bought my Peanut Butter CD and thanked me for connecting me to some good family times 30 years ago. That was nice.

Again, it felt great to play, some folks gathered and enjoyed the set, the lady who gave me the check was more than pleased and I got to try out the echo on Peanut Butter again. The concrete box I was in worked nicely and as we listened, a group of folks walking down the street provided another echo. I said, this was the first time the echo manifested itself into human bodies walking away from the site.

A good day on the job. Off to Avalon, NJ and a beach gig on Thursday.